Reaction of Metals with Acids

Reactive Metals like Aluminium,Magnesium react with acids to produce Metal Salts + Hydrogen Gas

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Why is Aluminium not used to store food items

It is because Aluminium is a reactive metal

It reacts with acids contained in food to form toxic salts


Reaction of less reactive metals with Acids

Less reactive metals do not react with dilute acids


Copper, Silver and Gold do not react with Dilute Acids

Reaction of Non-Metals with Acids

Non Metals do not react  with Acids

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If we take Sulphur powder and add hydrochloric acid,no Hydrogen gas is produced



NCERT Question 3 -

Fill in the blanks :

(d) Metals react with acids to produce……………….. gas.



NCERT Question 3 -

Fill in the blanks :

(c) Iron………………... is reactive than copper.



NCERT Question 4 -

Mark ‘T’ if the statement is true and ‘F’ if it is false.

(a) Generally, non-metals react with acids. ( )




NCERT Question 7 -

Can you store lemon pickle in an aluminium utensil? Explain. 



  1. Class 8
  2. Chapter 4 Class 8 - Materials : Metals And Non-Metals


Reaction of Metal with Acid Metal + Acid Metal Salt + Hydrogen Example Magnesium + Hydrochloric Acid Magnesium Chloride + Hydrogen Gas (Mg) (HCI) (MgCl 2) (H2) This is a Metal Salt Aluminum + Hydrochloric Acid Aluminum Chloride + Hydrogen Gas (AI) (HCI) (AlCl3) (H2) This is a Metal Salt Reaction of Non-Metal with Acid Non Metal + Acid No Reaction Example Sulphur + Hydrochloric Acid (S) (HCI) No Reaction

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