It is like Artificial Silk

It is prepared from wood pulp

Wood Pulp is chemically treated to prepare rayon

Therefore it is neither a fully synthetic fibre nor a fully natural fibre

It can also be dyed in a variety of colours

It is mixed with cotton to make bedsheets.It is also mixed with wools to make carpets




Nylon is the first fully synthetic fibre made by man without using raw materials.

It is prepared from coal, water and air (It is not made from any natural substance like wood)

It is strong,elastic,light weight and lustrous

Nylon absorbs very little water,so clothes made of nylon can dry easliy

They are very durable and long lasting

Nylon threads are stronger than the steel wire of the same thickness

It is used to make socks, ropes, tents, curtains,parachutes,ropes



Polyester is also synthetic fibre

It is easy to wash and doesn’t get any wrinkles

Polyester is made from 2 words Poly and Ester

Poly means Many and Ester means chemical substance

Examples of  Polyester

  • PET -PET is the abbreviation of synthetic polymer called Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate. It is used to make plastic bottles
  • Terrycot - It is used to make clothes


Example - Terrycot, Pollywool, Terrylene, Pet, Acrylic

Note :

Polycot is a mixture of polyester and cotton.

Polywool is a mixture of polyester and wool


Acrylic is a synthetic fibre which resembles wool. It is like artificial wool.

The wool obtained from natural sources is quite expensive, whereas clothes made from acrylic are relatively cheap.

Acrylic can be dyed very well,it resists shrinkage and wrinkles.

It is used to make Sock, Sweaters.

Examples of Various types of Synthetic Polymers are



NCERT Question 2 - Mark ( ) the correct answer:

Rayon is different from synthetic fibres because

(a) it has a silk like appearance

(b) it is obtained from wood pulp

(c) its fibres can also be woven like those of natural fibres

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NCERT Question 13 - Match the terms of column I correctly with the phrases given in column II

Column I

Column II

(i) Polyester

(a) Prepared by using wood pulp

(ii) Teflon

(b) Used for making parachutes and stockings

(iii) Rayon

(c) Used to make non-stick cookwares

(iv) Nylon

(d) Fabrics do not wrinkle easily

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NCERT Question 4 - Give examples which indicate that nylon fibres are very strong

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