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What are Annexure 2A-2B

Quarterly purchase and Sales Details are to be submitted to VAT Department in Annexure 2A-2B

These are to be given Party vise meantioning Party Name and Sales Tax No

Annexure 2A is for purchase Details (Both Vat and CST Purchases)


Annexure 2B is for Sales (Both Vat and CST Sales)


What are Annexure 2C 2D

Annexure 2C 2D are for Debit Note and Credit Note Details 


How to fill Annexure 2A 2B and 2C 2D

There are 2 methods to fill Annexure 2A2B

1. Direct Online at DVAT Website

2. Offline Put in DVAT Software and then Upload


When we fill details in Annexure 2A 2B ,automatically many details in return are automatically filled


To get practice in Annexure 2A 2B and 2C 2D,and Return filing Procedure at DVAT Website,

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