Important Points

  • From Our Purchase Sales Data,we will make Our Vat CST Computation
  • We should get it approved by our manager   (We can send email or ask him to sign on printout)
  • In case,both Vat and CST Payable,we will generate separate challans for it
  • In case of Vat Credit or CST Payable is Nil,no need to pay challan



Vat Challan Procedure depends upon State to State


Procedure in Delhi

It can be paid both offline and online

For both,we have to login to DVAT Website to pay it

Procedure>Login Dealer--->E-Payment----->After login--->Click Payment--->Go for Payment--->Put Details---->Generate Challan


To Practically make Computation and file challan,Attend CA Maninder Singh Practical Training Classes


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