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So,what is your monthly sales target?

सो व्हॉट इस योर मंथली सेल्स टारगेट ? (तो आपकी महीने का लक्ष्य कितना हैं?)

It is 20 customers per month

इट इस 20 कस्टमर्स इन मंथ (महीने के 20 ग्राहक)

How much of the target have you achieved?

हाओ मच ऑफ़ द टारगेट हैव यू अचिवड? (कितना पूरा लक्ष्य हो गया ?)

I have already got 6 customers and have 2 pending enquiries

आई हैव आलरेडी गोट 6 कस्टमर्स एंड हैव 2 पेंडिंग एन्क्वाइअरी (मैंने 6 कर लिए हैं 2 की पूछताछ बाकी हैं। )

How do you plan to achieve the rest?

हाओ डू यू प्लान टू अचीव द रेस्ट? (बाकी का कैसी करोगी?)

I would call existing customers for reference or would have to do cold calling

आई वुड कॉल एक्सिस्टिंग कस्टमर्स फॉर रेफरेन्स और वुड हैव टू डू कोल्ड कॉलिंग (मैं पुराने ग्राहक को कॉल करूंगी की वो किसी और को बताये या मैं खुद फ़ोन लगाऊंगा अंजान लोगो को।)


Cold Calling

  1. It means calling directly to a customer without knowing any reference
  2. There are more chances of rejection here
  3. It is normally used in case of sale of mobile connection,credit cards, etc

Calling through a Reference

  1. It is done when existing customers give contact details of their friends or relatives who are interested in product.
  2. There are more chances of deal getting closed/proposal getting accepted
  3. It is used in case of services like Insurance,CA,Advocate etc
  4. It may also happen that customer may them self call us instead of we calling them

Calling on Receiving an Inquiry

  1. Sometimes,an employee is interested in product and he leaves an email or fills a form,
  2. In this case customer already knows about your product and is interested
  3. We need to call customer to fix an appointment to close the deal
    • Inquiry on Website,Mail received from customer
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