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Rationalising denominator of irrational number - Rationalising

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We do not leave an irrational number in the denominator.

So, we rationalise the denominator.Β  Let us look at some examples

  1. Rationalise 1/√2
  2. Rationalise 1/2 +√3


Some Identities (βˆšπ‘Ž)^2=π‘Ž √(π‘Ž^2 )=π‘Ž βˆšπ‘Žπ‘=βˆšπ‘Ž Γ—βˆšπ‘ √(π‘Ž/𝑏)=βˆšπ‘Ž/βˆšπ‘ (βˆšπ‘Žβˆ’βˆšπ‘)(βˆšπ‘Ž+βˆšπ‘)=π‘Žβˆ’π‘ (π‘Žβˆ’βˆšπ‘)(π‘Ž+βˆšπ‘)=π‘Ž^2βˆ’π‘ (βˆšπ‘Ž+βˆšπ‘)^2=π‘Ž+𝑏+2βˆšπ‘Žπ‘ (βˆšπ‘Ž+βˆšπ‘)(βˆšπ‘+βˆšπ‘‘)=βˆšπ‘Žπ‘+βˆšπ‘Žπ‘‘ + βˆšπ‘π‘ + βˆšπ‘π‘‘

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