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Chapter 1 Class 9 Number Systems

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In this chapter, we will learn

  • Different Types of numbers like Natural Numbers, Whole numbers, Integers, Rational numbers
  • How to find rational numbers between two rational numbers
  • What is an irrational number
  • Checking if number is irrational or not
  • And how to draw an irrational number on the number line
  • Then, we will study What a real number is
  • And find Decimal expansions - Terminating, Non terminating - repeating, Non terminating Non repeating
  • Converting non-terminating repeating numbers into p/q form
  • Finding irrational numbers between two numbers
  • Representing real numbers on the number line (we use magnification)
  • We will learn how to add, subtract and multiply numbers with square root (like 5√2 + 3√3 - 8√2)
  • We will learn some identities of numbers with square root (like (√a + √b)2)
  • How to rationalize numbers
  • We will also do questions on Law of Exponents (here, the exponents can also be in fractions)


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