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There are generally 3 types of decimal expansion

  1. Terminating
  2. Non-terminating Repeating
  3. Non-terminating Non Repeating


Let us take an example to study it

Decimal Expansions - Terminating and Non Terminating Example.jpg

In 20/8 = 2.5 ,

  • the remainder is 0
  • the decimal ends at 5.

So, that means the expansion is terminating.


In 10/3 = 3.3333 …,

  • the expansion does not end i.e. non-terminating
  • and 3 keeps on repeating

So, it is a non-terminating, repeating expansion


There are also some decimals like


  • the expansion does not end i.e. non-terminating
  • and no set of numbers repeat

So, it is a non-terminating, non-repeating expansion


Let us learn how to find decimal expansions of numbers.

  1. Chapter 1 Class 9 Number Systems
  2. Concept wise


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