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What is Revised Invoice?

This invoice is issued in case or cases like Sale return, discount, quality, deductions etc.


Suppose A make sales to B of 10000 + GST 18%

B return goods of 2400 + GST 18%

In this case A will issue 2 invoices

  1. Tax invoice of 10000 + GST
  2. Revised invoice of 2400 + GST



Party Dr

       to Sales  10000

       To CGST   900

       To SGST  900





 Sales/Sales Return Dr     2400

 CGST Dr   216

 SGST  Dr  216

                                         To Party   2832

(in this entry,party is credited so it is  credit note)

A will pass entry in credit note in tally however, on printout revised invoice should be mention

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