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What is Annual Return?

It is a yearly return which is to be filed by all taxpayers

Every business which is registered under GST (Whether Regular or Composition) has to fill this Annual Return


What are Different Annual Return Forms?

GST Form No It is to be filed by
GSTR 9 Regular taxpayer who has filed GSTR 3B & GSTR 1 during financial year.
GSTR 9A Composition taxpayer who has filed GSTR 4 during financial year.
GSTR 9B E-commerce operator who has filed GSTR 8 during financial year.
GSTR 9C It is an additional form, which is to be filed by taxpayer whose turnover exceed 2 crore during financial year.They have to get their accounts audited and CA/CMA has to file this form


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Note:- In case of regular tax payer, there are 2 cases

Case Form to be filled
Turnover upto 2 Crores GSTR 9
Turnover Over 2 Crores GSTR 9 + GSTR9C 

For calculating turnover exceeding Rs.2 crore financial year from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018 will be considered



In FY 2017-18,person has turnover as below

Period Tax Applicable Turnover
Apr-June VAT 30 Lac
July-Mar GST 1.9 Crore
Total   2.2 Crore

Whether Form 9C is to be filled or not?



Since Total Turnover is more than 2 crores, he has to Fill Form 9C also

Hence he has to file 2 forms :

GSTR Form 9 + GSTR Form 9C


What is Due Date of Filling Annual Returns?

FY 2017-18 - 31 Dec 2018    31st August 2019    30 November 2019   31 December 2019

FY 2018-19 - 31 Dec 2019   31 March 2020


What is Requirement for Audit under Income Tax Act and Under GST Act?

For GST Act

Audit is compulsory when total turnover for particular financial year exceed 2 crore.

This audit can be conducted by CA/CMA


Income Tax

For Companies

  • Audit is always compulsory
  • Audit is done by CA (not CMA)


For Proprietorship & Partnership

Audit is required compulsory when turnover exceeds 2 crore.

(Limit is 2 crores for business and 50 lacs for professionals)



Type of Business Turnover in lacs Audit Under Income Tax Audit Under GST Annual Form to be filled
Proprietorship 30 NO NO GSTR 9
Partnership 30 NO NO GSTR 9
Company 30 YES NO GSTR 9
Proprietorship 300 YES YES GSTR 9 + GSTR 9 C
Partnership 300 YES YES GSTR 9 + GSTR 9 C
Company 300 YES YES GSTR 9 + GSTR 9 C

**Note:- To prepare and file form GSTR 9C, filing of GSTR 9 is mandatory.

If GST Number Cancelled, Do We need to Fill Annual Return

If GST number has been cancelled or surrendered by the taxpayer, they have to filed GSTR 10 (Final Return) & GSTR 9 (Annual Return) both.


Changes In GST (37th GST Council meeting held in Goa)

Annual return GSTR 9 is to be made optional, if turnover upto 2 Crore for F.Y. 2017-18 & 2018-19.

However, if turnover more than 2 crore then both GSTR 9 and GSTR 9C is to be filed

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