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Note : GST has had other changes. See GST Changes on the 10 November Meeting  


Changes Made in GST  Council Meeting 6 Oct 2017


Registration Limit in GST is 20 lacs for Both Local and Interstate Sales


If a Person has turnover upto 20 lacs, they are not required to take registration

However if person is making interstate sales of even 1 Rupee, Compulsory Registration Required


If turnover is upto 20 lacs of Local + Interstate combined, then Registration Not Required


Compulsory Registration  if .jpg

File Quarterly GST Returns 1, 2, 3


Normal Registered Dealer had to file Monthly GST Returns 1,2,3



If turnover is upto 1.5 Crores, then Quarterly Returns Required from Oct-Dec

However GSTR3B to be filed for Oct, Nov, Dec

Every business had to file.jpg

Composition Dealer Turnover Limit Raised


If turnover was upto 75 Lacs, then Person can Opt for Composition Scheme



If turnover upto 100 lacs, then Composition Scheme can be availed


Composition Dealer Limit.jpg

Option to Avail Composition Scheme

Person can opt for Composition Scheme till 31 March 2018

Suppose scheme opted in one month will be effective from Next Month


Normal Dealer opts for Composition Scheme by 20 Nov 2017

He will file Composition Dealer Return and Tax starting from 1 Dec 2017


Normal Dealer Opts For Composition Scheme.jpg

Reverse Charge to Unregistered Dealer suspended till 31-3-2018

Reverse Charge on purchases From Unregistered Dealer has been abolished till 31 March 2018.

Other Reverse Charge are still Applicable. like reverse charge on advocate and Good Transport Agency

However, what will happen to Reverse Charge already deposited is still not clear

Whether we can claim input of the same after payment or will it be refunded to us

Reverse Charge Applicable.jpg

No GST on Advance Received for Small Business

Suppose I receive money in advance in July

Sales made for the same in September

Tax on it was calculated in July Return to be paid by 20 Aug


For small business(upto 1.5 crores)

Tax on it will be calculated in September Return to be paid by 20 Oct

This 1.5 Crores limit is of current year or last year is still not clear


GST Payable on.jpg

GTA Service To Unregistered Person Exempted

Earlier If Goods Transport Agency (GTA) provided services to Unregistered Persons, they had to pay GST

Because of this GTA were not willing to supply services to Unregistered persons.


This service has been exempted.


GTA Registered Person.jpg

Other Changes

    Concept of E-Way Bill to be Introduced in Staggered Manner starting from 1 Jan 2018
    There will be different dates for its launch in different states
    In Whole of India,it will be launched by 1 April 2018

    TDS TCS in GST will also be differed to 1 April 2018

    Due Dates for GST Returns has been changed as follows

    1. For Input Service Distributor
      GST Return for July, Aug, Sep to be filed by  15 Nov 2017

    2. For Composition Dealer 
      GST Return for July - Sep Quarter to be filed by 15 Nov 2017

  4. Changes in Invoice Rules
    For Certain Registered Persons, Invoice Rules will be changed
    The details of same are still not been notified


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