GST Rate for Manufacturers also 1% in Composition Scheme

Government has changed GST Rates for Manufacturers from 2% to 1% vide Notification 1/2018

Hence, now GST Rates are similar for Traders and Manufacturers

Summary of Rates

Type of Business

TILL 31 DEC 2017

FROM 1 JAN 2018






2%  1%




E-Way Bill Compulsory from 1 Feb 2018

E-Way Bill needs to be generated for movement of goods  50000 or more

Transporter has to carry this E way bil while moving goods from one placed to another


This has to be generated either

Online at E Way bill website


Through SMS

This has been started in a trial manner from 16 Jan 2018 and will be compulsory from 1 Feb 2018

It will be mandatory from 1 April 2018


For details procedure refer

Due Dates of GST Returns Extended

1. Due dates for GSTR-1 for monthly tax payer

July - November, 2017                 

10th January, 2018

December, 2017                            

10th February, 2018

January, 2018                                 

10th March, 2018


April, 2018

31st May, 2018


May, 2018

10th June, 2018

June, 2018

10th July, 2018


2. Due dates for GSTR-1 for quarterly  tax payer

July - September, 2017                  

10th January, 2018

October - December, 2017           

15th February, 2018

January - March, 2018                  

30th April, 2018


April - June, 2018                  

31st July, 2018


3. Due Dates for Other GST Returns Extended

Form No

Applicable for

Due Date



Non Resident Taxable Person

31 Jan 2018



Online information and database access or retrieval services

31 Jan 2018



Taking GST Credit in Case of Existing Stock in Hand(Fresh Registration, Conversion of composition into Regular Scheme)

31 Jan 2018


Reduction in Late fees for GST Return of Composition Dealer

Late fees for late filing of return for Composition Dealer has been made same as Regular Dealer

Late fees is as follows


Late Fees

In case No Tax Payable

20 per day

In Case Tax Payable

50 per day


Late fees Is to be divided equally into CGST and SGST

Even if IGST is payable, still for late fees we have to pay CGST and SGST(and not IGST)

No GST on Advance Received in Case of Goods

As per Time of Supply of Goods

Gst is payable on earlier of Invoice

Last Date of Invoice

Date of Payment

Hence,if payment received in advance,GST was payable on advance received

This condition has been removed now from 15 Nov 2017  vide Notification 66/2017

Hence,if advance received by Trader or Manufacturer,but goods not yet sold,now no GST is payable

However,receipt voucher is still to be issued by Trader/Manufacturer on receipt of advance(even though no tax is to be paid to govt)



This concession is only for goods,not servicesHence GST is payable if advance received by Service Provider

In case of Reverse Charge,if payment made in advance,still reverse charge is applicable for both gods and services.


GST has had other changes. See GST Changes on the 10 November Meeting  

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Changes Made in GST  Council Meeting 6 Oct 2017

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