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What is due date for Return for GSTR 3B

It is 20th of Next Month


GSTR 3B Due Dates


Sep-2017 20th Oct 2017
Oct-2017 20th  Nov 2017
Nov-2017 20th  Dec 2017
Dec-2017 20th  Jan 018


Jan-2018 20th  Feb 2018
Feb-2018 20th  Mar 2018

20th  April 2018


20th May 2018


20th June 2018


20th July 2018


20th 24th Aug 2018


20th Sep 2018


20th 25th Oct 2018


20th Nov 2018


20th Dec 2018


20th Jan 2019




20th 22nd Feb 2019


20th March 2019


20th 23rd April 2019


20th May 2019


20th June 2019


20th July 2019


20th 22nd Aug 2019


20th Sep 2019


20th Oct 2019


20th Nov 2019


20th Dec 2019


20th Jan 2020



Jan -2020

20th Feb 2020


20th March 2020


20th April 2020



1 form-gstr-3b-(new).jpg

3.1 Details of Outward Supplies and Inward Supplies liable to Reverse Charge

Here, we will put the details of Sales and Output liable to Reverse Charge-Let's study this below

(a) Outward taxable supplies (other than zero rated, nil rated and exempted)

Here we'll put Sales Local & Interstate Both

(b) Outward taxable supplies (zero rated)

Here we'll put Export Sales for both Bond and No Bond

(c) Other outward supplies (Nil rated, exempted)

Here we'll put Nil Rated/Exempted Sales Like Milk

(d) Inward supplies (liable to reverse charge)

Here we'll put Reverse Charge Output

(e) Non-GST outward supplies

Here we'll put Non GST Items Sales Like Diesel, Petrol

3.2 Details of Interstate Sales(Extra Information)

Here, we will put the following details

Supplies made to Unregistered Persons - Interstate Sales + Unregistered

Supplies made to Composition Taxable Persons - Interstate Sales + Composition

Supplies made to UIN holders - Interstate Sales + UIN Holders(Like Embassy)

4. Details of Eligible ITC

Here, we'll put the following details

    ITC Available(In full or Part)

  1. Import of Goods-Tax charged on Imports of Goods Like IGST
  2. Import of Services-Tax paid on Import of Services which are covered under Reverse Charge
  3. Inward supplies liable to Reverse Charge(other than 1 and 2)-Reverse Charge Output
  4. Inward supplies from ISD-Input from other branches(Input service distributors)
  5. All other ITC-Input of current month


5. Values of exempt, nil-rated and non-GST inward supplies

Here, we'll put the following details

From a supplier under composition scheme, Exempt and Nil rated supply - Purchase Exempt & Nil Rated Items Like Milk

Non GST supply - Purchase Non GST Items Like Diesel, Petrol


6.1 Payment of tax

Here, we'll put the following details

  1. Other than Reverse Charge-Output, Total Input, GST Payable
  2. Reverse Charge-Reverse charge,Output and GST payable




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