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In case,turnover of dealer in 2014-15 exceeded Rs 50 lacs

It is compulsory to affix digital signature on DVAT 56 instead of submitting DVAT 56 Hardcopy for Last Quarter 2015 (Jan-March 2016 Return)


For dealers registered after 2014-15

It is compulsory to affix digital signature from the year suceeding the year turnover exceeded 50 lacs

if turnover exceeded 50 lacs in Last year

(Notification NoNo.F.3(643)Policy/VAT/2016/1585-1597)


Extension to 2016-17

This period was later extended to 2016-17 by Notification


(Hence,for those dealers who have turnover more than 50 lacs in 2014-15 or 2015-16,

DSC is required to be affixed compulsorily)





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