A square root spiral looks like this

Ex 1.2, 4 - Construct a square root spiral - Ex 1.2

We follow these steps to form it

  1. Mark a center point O.
  2. From point O, draw a horizontal line OA of length 1 cm.
  3. From point A, draw a perpendicular line AB of length 1 cm.
  4. Join OB, here OB =  √2.
  5. Now, from point B, draw a line perpendicular to OB (Use set squares) of length 1 cm. Mark the end point as C.
  6. Join OC, here OC =   √3
  7. Repeat steps 4, 5, 6 for  √4, √4,  √4, ...
  8. Our square root spiral is ready

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