Underemployment continues to be rampant in rural areas. Suggest and explain any three ways through which employment for rural people can be generated.



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The three ways in which employment can be generated in rural sector are -

  1. If the Government takes up various development projects such as construction of roads, bridges etc in the rural areas, then an opportunity can be created for many of the residents of the nearby villages, both in the skilled and unskilled departments .

  2. Various training centres can be set up so that firstly, the people can be educated and later employed in the same task. For example: Computer training centres

  3. Government can identify and promote industries and services that are in high demand , in semi-rural areas to enhance employment

  4. Money can be invested in the development of the transportation sector and employed people so that various goods and raw materials can reach from one place to another in time and hassle - free .

  5. Government can help improve the tourism sector by protecting its heritage sites and other monuments so that more jobs can be generated.

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