Match the Following:

Column-I Column-II
(i) Organised sector (A) Railways
(ii) Public sector (B) Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited
(iii) Private sector (C) Agriculture and farming
(iv) Primary sector (D) Job security

(A) (i)-(D), (ii)-(A), (iii) -(B), (iv)-(C)

(B) (i)-(D), (ii)-(C), (iii)-(A), (iv)-(B)

(C) (i)-(C), (ii)-(A),(iii)-(B), (iv)-(D)

(D) (i) -(B), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(D), (iv)-(A)



So, the correct answer is (A):  (i)-(D), (ii)-(A), (iii) -(B), (iv)-(C)


  • Workers employed in the organized sector have job security.
    Thus, (i) matches with (D)

  • The public sector owns railways.
    Thus, (ii)matches with (A)

  • The private sector operates Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (TISCO).
    Thus, (iii) matches with ( B)

  • Primary sector includes agriculture and farming .
    Thus,  (iv)matches with (C)
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