• Democracy is a better form of government when compared with dictatorship or any other alternative. This is because

(a) Promotes equality among citizens.

(b) Enhances the dignity of the individual.

(c) Improves the quality of decision-making.

(d) Provides a method to resolve conflicts.

(e) Allows room to correct mistakes.

  • Over a hundred countries of the world today claim and practice some kind of democratic politics: they hold elections, they have parties and they guarantee the rights of citizens.
  • While these features are common to most of them, these democracies are very much different from each other in terms of their social situations, their economic achievements, and their cultures.

  • The first step toward thinking carefully about the outcomes of democracy is to recognize that democracy is just a form of government.

  • It can only create conditions for achieving something.

  • The citizens have to take advantage of those conditions and achieve goals.
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