“There has been a sudden abrupt rise in population of India since 1951.“ Support the statement with reasons.



Answer to be written in the exam:

  1. India’s population has been steadily  increasing from 361 million in 1951 to 1210  million in 2011.

  2. It reveals that from 1951 to 1981, the annual rate  of population growth was steadily increasing ,  which explains the rapid increase in population  from 361 million in 1951 to 683 million in 1981.

  3. Despite the decline in growth ratio, the number  of people being added every decade was  steadily increasing.

  4. Since 1981, however, the rate of growth started  declining gradually . During this period, birth  rates declined rapidly.

  5. Still 182 million p eople were added to the  total population in the 1990s alone (an annual  addition larger than ever before).
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