Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 8 Political Science - The Constitution and the Need

Examples of Dissent in Indian History

The Salt Satyagraha of 1930

  •  It was a mass movement led by Mahatma Gandhi against the British salt tax.

  • The British imposed salt tax according to which the manufacture and sale of salt became a British monopoly. No individual was allowed to make salt.

  •  Gandhi and his followers defied the law by making salt at Dandi.

  •  It was a symbol of civil disobedience and resistance against the colonial rule.

The Anti-liquor Movement

  • It was a social movement led by women in Andhra Pradesh against the increase in the number of liquor shops.

  • The l icensed liquor shops had opened unauthorized counters to increase their sale. So, people had easy access to liquor.

  • This resulted in many poor people wasting their money on  liquor.

  • The women protested against the sale of liquor as it affected their families and livelihoods.

  • They demanded a ban on liquor shops and succeeded in their cause.
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