Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 8 Political Science - The Constitution and the Need

Laws and Dissent


  • Laws are the rules or norms that regulate the behavior and conduct of the people in a society.

  •  They are formulated for the welfare of the people and in accordance with the fundamental principles of the country.

  • Laws are also meant to bring about social change and establish an egalitarian society .

  • They help to curb the social evils and protect the rights and interests of the people.


  • Dissent is the expression of disagreement or opposition to a law or a policy. It is a way of challenging the authority or legitimacy of the government or its institutions.

  • Dissent can be expressed in various forms, such as protests, demonstrations, strikes, civil disobedience , etc.

  • Dissent can also be constructive or destructive, peaceful or violent, individual or collective , etc.

  • Dissent is an important aspect of democracy as it allows the people to voice their opinions and grievances.

  • It also helps to c heck the misuse or abuse of power by the government.

  • However, dissent should be exercised in a responsible and lawful manner.
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