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Chapter 1 Class 8 Geography - Resources

Distinguish between the  Potential resources and Developed resources.



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Potential resources

Developed resources


Potential resources are those resources whose total available quantity is not known at present and can be used in the future.

Developed resources are those resources whose total quantity and quality are at present known and can be developed and utilized.


Potential resources need detailed surveys and suitable technology to be developed and utilized.

Developed resources have been surveyed and assessed with the available technology and can be exploited.

Future prospects

Potential resources may become developed resources in the future if their quantity and quality are known and they are developed with suitable technology.

Developed resources may become exhausted or depleted in the future if they are overused or misused.


Africa has great potential for the generation of hydroelectricity.



wind blowing at a high speed was a potential resource about 200 years ago. Today, a number of windmills have been installed in many parts of the world to harness wind energy.

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