Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 7 Political Science - Democracy

Forms of government 

  • Absolute monarchy: the rule by a king or queen who has absolute powers and is not accountable to the people

  • Dictatorship : the rule by an unelected, all-powerful dictator who is not accountable to the people.

  • Democracy : It stands for the people’s rule. People are involved in the formation of government.

  • Democracy can be direct or indirect, depending on how people participate in the formation and running of the government.

    • Direct democracy: The government is elected and run directly by the people.
      • Example: Switzerland i s the only country where direct democracy is practiced at the state level.

      • The Gram Sabha or meeting of villagers is an example of direct democracy in India.

    • Indirect or representative democracy: people elect their representatives who form and run the government on their behalf.

  •  In most democracies the head of the country (President) is also elected by the people. Such countries are called republics.

  • Thus, India is a ' democratic republic' because we have both the government and the head of the state or President elected by the people. 
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