Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 7 Political Science - Democracy

Write a note on elections.



Answer by student:

  • Elections are a process of choosing the leaders or representatives of the people by voting.

  • Elections are a way of participating in the government and influencing the decision making process.

  • Elections are a means of ensuring that the government is accountable, responsive, and representative of the people’s will.

  • Elections are a sign of democracy and freedom in the country. They show that the people have the power to choose their leaders and to change them if they want to. They also show that the people have the freedom to express their views and opinions, and to vote for whoever they want to, without any fear or coercion.

  • Elections are a source of empowerment and education for the people. They empower the people to have a say in their own governance and to exercise their rights and duties. They also educate the people about the issues and policies that affect them or the society, and about the roles and responsibilities of their leaders and representatives.
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