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Chapter 1 Class 7 Geography - Our Environment

Which of the following is the natural ecosystem?

A. School

B. Pond

C. Paddy field

D. Textile Mill



Answer by Student

The correct answer is (B) Pond .

Detailed Explanation by Teachoo

An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things that interact with each other and their environment. A natural ecosystem is one that is not created or modified by humans, but exists naturally in nature.

Let’s check all the options:

  • Option (A) School - This is not a natural ecosystem, but a human-made system that consists of buildings, furniture, books, teachers, students, etc. Schools are designed and constructed by humans for the purpose of education. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (B) Pond - This is a natural ecosystem, which is a small body of water that contains various plants and animals, such as algae, fish, frogs, insects, etc. Ponds are formed naturally by rainfall, groundwater, or streams. They provide habitats and food for many organisms. So, this is correct .

  • Option (C) Paddy field - This is not a natural ecosystem, but an agricultural system that consists of cultivated rice plants and water. Paddy fields are created and maintained by humans for the purpose of food production. They require irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (D) Textile mill - This is not a natural ecosystem, but an industrial system that consists of machines, fabrics, workers, etc. Textile mills are built and operated by humans for the purpose of manufacturing clothes and other products. They consume energy, water, and raw materials. So, this is incorrect .

Thus, option (B) is correct .

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