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  • Mehrgarh (in Pakistan) is the earliest known farming and pastoral settlement in the Indian subcontinent.

  • It was here that humans first grew crops and tamed animals.

  • The earliest evidence of settlement here dates to 7000 BCE.

  • Charred grains and bones of animals have been found here.

  • Archaeologists have divided this Stone Age site into several periods.

Period I (7000-5500 BCE)

  • Wheat and Barley were the main crops.

  • Farmers kept cattle, sheep, and goats . Bones of all these animals have been found at the site.

  •  The houses were simple mud structures square or rectangular in shape. No pottery has been found.

  •  Burial sides are many in number. The graves contain objects such as s tone axes, ornaments of seashells, limestone, turquoise, lapis lazuli, and sandstone along with figures of women and animals.

Period II (5500-4800 BCE) & Period III ( 4800-3500 BCE)

  • A lot of evidence of manufacturing activity has also been found.

  • Glazed faience beads were produced.

  • Terracotta figurines were detailed. Figurines of women had different hairstyles and ornaments and what decorated with paint.

  • Burial goods were limited only to ornaments during this period.
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