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  • Burials are the act of laying a deceased person to rest, usually in the ground.

  • Burial practices have been around for thousands of years and vary widely across different cultures and time periods.

  • In ancient time s, burials were often accompanied by rituals and ceremonies that were intended to honor the dead and help them transition to the afterlife.

  • Some culture s buried their dead in elaborate tombs or mausoleums, while others practiced cremation or placed their dead in burial mounds or pyramids .

  • Archaeologists study burials to learn more about the customs, beliefs, and lifestyles of past societies.

  • Burial sites can provide important information about the age, gender, and health of the individuals buried ther e, as well as their social status and cultural practices.

  • Remain of both human and animal burials have been found. In Burzahom, bones of dogs cattle, goats sheep, dear, and many other animals have been found.
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