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Shape of the Earth

The form or outline of the earth’s surface, which is like a sphere but not a perfect one

Locating Places on the Earth

The process of finding the position and direction of any place on the earth using the earth’s grid or the geographic grid

Parallels or Latitudes

The circles that run from east to west and are parallel to the equator on the globe

Meridians or Longitudes

The lines that run from north to south and pass through the poles on the globe


The imaginary line that divides the earth into two equal parts or hemispheres: the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere

Prime Meridian

The meridian that passes through Greenwich, a place near London, and is taken as the starting point for measuring longitude and time

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Universal Time (UT)

The time at the Prime Meridian or 0° longitude, which is used as a reference for other time zones

Local Time

The time determined according to the longitude of a place

Standard Time

The uniform time adopted by a country for the whole country, usually based on the local time of its central meridian or capital city

Time Zones

The regions of the earth that have the same standard time, each with a west-east extent of 15 degrees of longitude

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