Can you imagine some village which initially had no job opportunities but later came up with many?

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  • Timmowal was a small village that had initially had no job opportunities but later came up with many.
  • This was a village inhabited by several families. Each family used to produce enough to feed its members . Each family met its needs by the members making their clothes and teaching their children .
  • One of the families decided to send one of its sons to an agriculture college . The boy got admission to the nearby college of agriculture and got qualified in agro-engineering .
  • He came back to the village and proved to be so creative that he could design an improved type of plough , which increased the yield of wheat . Thus a new job of agro-engineer was created and filled in the village .
  • They sold the surplus in a neighbouring village.
  • Inspired by this success all the families held a meeting and requested the panchayat to open a school in the village. They assured the panchayat that they would all send their children to school .
  • The panchayat , with the help of the government , opened a school
  • A teacher was recruited from a nearby town . All the children of this village started going to school .
  • After some time one of the families gave training to their daughter in tailoring . She started stitching clothes for everyone who now wanted to buy and wear well-tailored clothes.
  • Thus another new job , that of a tailor was created
  • This had another positive effect . The time of the farmers going far for buying clothes was saved
  • As the farmers spent more time in the field , the yield of the farms went up . This was the beginning of prosperity
  • The farmers had more than what they could consume . Now they could sell what they produced to others who came to their village markets
  • Over time, this village , which formally had no job opportunities in the beginning, had many like teachers , tailors , agro–engineers and many more. 
  • This was the story of a simple village where the rising level of human capital enabled it to evolve into a place rich with complex and modern economic activities .


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