Match the correct answers of column I with  column II.

Column I

Column II

a. Disguised Unemployment

1. Has moved to secondary or tertiary sector 

b. Surplus Labour


2. Give profit

c. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

3. Found in rural areas 

d. Market Activities

4. Universalism of elementary education


  1. (a)-3, (b)-1, (c)-4, (d)-2
  2. (a)-4, (b)-3, (c)-2, (d)-1
  3. (a)-1, (b)-2, (c)-3, (d)-4
  4. (a)-2, (b)-4, (c)-3, (d)-1


So the correct option is A - (a)-3, (b)-1, (c)-4, (d)-2.


  • Point a - Disguised Unemployment , refers to those who are engaged in work but are not needed there. This is mostly found in agricultural lands and thus found in rural areas . So, it matches point 3.
  • Point b - Surplus Labour from agriculture is moving to the secondary or tertiary sector for employment . So, it matches point 1.
  • Point c - Via Sarva Siksha Abhiyan all children in the age group of 6–14 years were aimed towards providing elementary education by 2010. So, it matches point 4.
  • Point d - Market Activities involve activities performed for pay or profit. So, it matches point 2.
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