Write a python program to find the name of  the students scoring minimum and maximum  marks. The student’s names and marks obtained  are stored as key value pair in a dictionary  named marksobt. Print name along with marks obtained. 


# Assume that marksobt is a dictionary containing names as keys and marks as values

# For example, marksobt = {'Alice': 85, 'Bob': 76, 'Charlie': 92, 'David': 65, 'Eve': 74}

# Initialize two variables to store the name and marks of the minimum and maximum scorers

min_name = None

min_marks = None

max_name = None

max_marks = None

# Loop through the key-value pairs in marksobt

for name, marks in marksobt.items():

    # If min_name or min_marks is None, or if the current marks are less than the minimum marks, update the minimum name and marks

    if min_name is None or min_marks is None or marks < min_marks:

        min_name = name

        min_marks = marks


    # If max_name or max_marks is None, or if the current marks are more than the maximum marks, update the maximum name and marks

    if max_name is None or max_marks is None or marks > max_marks:

        max_name = name

        max_marks = marks

# Print the name and marks of the minimum and maximum scorers

print(f"The student with the minimum marks is {min_name} with {min_marks} marks.")

print(f"The student with the maximum marks is {max_name} with {max_marks} marks.")

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