Consider the following tuples that store coordinates of a geometric figure each.  Write a python code to generate a new tuple containing coordinates obtained by adding the corresponding coordinates of both the figures.  

tup1 = ((1,3),(4,5),(2,9),(1, 10)) 


# Define the tuples tup1 and tup2 that store the coordinates of two geometric figures

tup1 = ((1,3),(4,5),(2,9),(1, 10))

tup2 = ((6,7),(3,9),(1,1),(7,3))

# Initialize an empty tuple to store the coordinates of the new figure

tup3 = ()

# Use a for loop to iterate over the indices of the tuples

for i in range(len(tup1)):

    # Use the + operator to add the corresponding coordinates of tup1 and tup2 and create a new tuple

    coord = (tup1[i][0] + tup2[i][0], tup1[i][1] + tup2[i][1])

    # Use the + operator to append the new tuple to tup3

    tup3 = tup3 + (coord,)

# Print the value of tup3 using the print() function

print("The new tuple containing the coordinates of the new figure is", tup3)

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