• Leaders keep changing in a democracy. This leads to instability.
  • Democracy is all about political competition and power play. There is no scope for morality.
  • So many people have to be consulted in a democracy that it leads to delays.
  • Elected leaders do not know the best interest of the people. It leads to a bad decision.
  • Democracy leads to corruption for it is based on electoral competition.
  • Ordinary people don’t know what is good for them ; they should not decide anything.
  • Democracy is not a magical solution to all problems.
  • Democracy has not ended poverty in our country and other parts of the world.
  • Democracy as a form of government only ensures that people take their own decisions.
  • This does not guarantee that their decisions will be good.
  • These arguments show that democracy of the kind we see may not be the ideal form of government.



  • China’s famine of 1958-1961 was the worst recorded famine in world history.
  • During those days, India’s economic condition was not much better than China's.
  • The existence of democracy in India made the Indian government respond to food scarcity in a way that the Chinese government did not.
  • These examples bring out one of the reasons why democracy is considered the best form of government.
  • Democracy is better than any other form of government in responding to the needs of the people.
  •  A  non-democratic government may and can respond to the people’s needs, but it all depends on the wishes of the people who rule.
  • A democracy requires that the rulers have to attend to the needs of the people.
  • A democratic government is a better government because it is a more accountable form of government.
  • Democracy is based on consultation and discussion.
  • A democratic decision always involves many persons, discussions, and meetings.
  • When several people put their heads together, they can point out possible mistakes in any decision.
  • This reduces the chances of rash or irresponsible decisions.
  • Thus democracy improves the quality of decision-making.
  • Democracy provides a method to deal with differences and conflicts.
  • People belong to different regions , speak different languages, practice different religions, and have different castes.
  • They look at the world very differently and have different preferences.
  • The preferences of one group can clash with those of other groups.
  • Democracy provides the only peaceful solution to this problem. In a diverse country like India, democracy keeps our country together.
  • Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens.
  • Democracy is based on the principle of political equality, on recognizing that the poorest and least educated have the same status as the rich and the educated.
  • People are not subjects of a ruler, t hey are the rulers themselves . Even when they make mistakes, they are responsible for their conduct.
  • Democracy is better than other forms of government because it allows us to correct our own mistakes.
  • There is no guarantee that mistakes cannot be made in a democracy. No form of government can guarantee that.
  • The advantage of a democracy is that such mistakes cannot be hidden for long. There is a space for public discussions on these mistakes. And there is room for correction.
  • Democracy cannot get us everything and is not the solution to all problems. But it is better than any other alternative that we know.
  • It offer s better chances of a good decision, it is likely to respect people’s wishes and allows different kinds of people to live together.
  • Even when it fails to do some of these things, it allows a way of correcting its mistakes and offers more dignity to all citizens.
  • That is why democracy is considered the best form of government .
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