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What do we call a narrow channel of the sea which separates two land masses?  

(a) Strait 

(b) Gulf  

(c) Peninsula 

(d) Delta



So, the correct answer is A) Strait

Explanation :

 A  narrow channel of sea which  separates two land masses is called Strait.


Let’s discuss other options :

a)Strait : It is a narrow channel of sea which  separates two land masses. So, this is correct.

b)Gulf : It is a  part of an ocean or sea extending into the land. So,this is incorrect.

c) Peninsula : It is an area of land mostly surrounded by water but connected to a larger piece of land. So, this is

d)Delta : It is an area of flat land shaped like a triangle where a river divides into smaller rivers as it goes into the sea. So, this is incorrect.

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