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Mr. Singh has just applied for a job at a reputed company. He wants to make sure that his online presence does not affect his chances of getting hired. Help him in understanding the concept of digital footprint and explaining its importance.

Thereafter, write the steps to manage his digital footprint and improve his online reputation.


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A digital footprint is the trail of data that a person leaves behind while using the internet. It includes the websites visited, the searches made, the comments posted, the likes and shares given, the emails sent, and the online transactions done.  

To manage his digital footprint and improve his online reputation, Mr. Singh can follow these steps:

  • Review his online profiles and posts and delete or edit any inappropriate or outdated content.
  • Adjust his privacy settings and limit the access to his personal information and activities.
  • Use strong and unique passwords for his online accounts and services and change them regularly.

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