Describe any three traditional methods of rainwater harvesting adopted in different parts of India.


Points to Remember

Traditional method of rainwater - Teachoo.png

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting - Teachoo.png
Underground Tanka in Rajasthan - Teachoo.png

  •   ‘guls’ or ‘kuls’ 
  • ‘Rooftop rainwater harvesting’
  •   inundation channels
  • ‘khadins’  and ‘Johads’
  • underground tanks


*Write any 3 points 

Answer to be written in the exam

  1. In hill and mountainous regions , people built diversion channels like the ‘guls’ or ‘kuls’ of the Western Himalayas for agriculture.
  2. ‘Rooftop rainwater harvesting’ was commonly practiced to store drinking water , particularly in Rajasthan .
  3. In arid and semi-arid regions , agriculture fields were converted into rain fed storage structures that allowed the water to stand and moisten the soil like the ‘khadins’ in Jaisalmer and ‘Johads’ in other parts of Rajasthan .
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