• In Meghalaya , a 200-year-old system of tapping stream and spring water by using bamboo pipes , is prevalent.
  • About 18-20 litres of water enters the bamboo pipe system , gets transported over hundreds of metres , and finally reduces to 20-80 drops per minute at the site of the plant .
  • Bamboo pipes are used to divert perennial springs on the hilltops to the lower reaches by gravity.
  • The channel sections , made of bamboo, divert water to the plant site where it is distributed into branches , again made and laid out with different forms of bamboo pipes .
  • The flow of water into the pipes is controlled by manipulating the pipe positions .
  • If the pipes pass a road , they are taken high above the land .
  • Reduced channel sections and diversion units are used at the last stage of water application .
  • The last channel section enables water to be dropped near the roots of the plant .
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