Describe the importance of judicious use of resources.



The importance of judicious use of resources is

  • Environmental and ecological crisis.
  • Non-Renewable resources like Fossils.
  • Resources once exhausted then it will take thousands of years for them to renew.
  • Resources are available only in limited quantities.
  • The unavailability of resources can cause socioeconomic crises.

We use any 3 points and elaborate on them

Answer to be written in the exam

Resources are vital for development and it is important to utilize them judiciously.

  • It is important to use resources judiciously because over-utilisation can cause environmental and ecological problems.
  • Non-renewable resources like Fossils , once exhausted, can take thousands of years to renew.
  • Development depends upon resources and indiscriminate use of resources can lead to socio-economic crises in the world.

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