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Match the following figures with their respective contributions to the spread of literacy and education in India:

Column A Column B
(i) Johannes Gutenberg (a) Introduced the printing press and printed the first book in Europe 
(ii) Social reformers in Bangalore (b) Set up libraries to educate themselves and promote literacy among millworkers
(iii) James Augustus Hickey  (c) Established the first English-language newspaper in India 
(iv) Burhi Aair Sadhu (d) Contributed to Assamese literature and penned popular songs of Assam


  • (A) (i)-(a), (ii)-(b), (iii)-(c), (iv)-(d)
  • (B) (i)-(b), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(d) 
  • (C) (i)-(c), (ii)-(b), (iii)-(d), (iv)-(a)
  • (D) (i)-(d), (ii)-(b), (iii)-(c), (iv)-(a)


So, the correct answer  is  (B) (i)-(b), (ii)-(c), (iii)-(a), (iv)-(d) 


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