Why was reading manuscripts not easy in India? Choose the appropriate reason from the following options:

  • (A) Manuscripts were highly expensive
  • (B) Manuscripts were widely spread out.
  • (C) Manuscripts were written in English and Hindi.
  • (D) Manuscripts were fragile.


So, the correct answer is (D): Manuscripts were fragile.

A Manuscript from Rigveda - Teachoo.jpg


Explanation :

Reading of manuscripts was not easy in India, because they were fragile and could not be transported easily.

Let’s check other options :

  • (A) Manuscripts were highly expensive  : Even if they were expensive, the aristocracy still read them and enjoyed the unique status associated with it. 
  • (B) Manuscripts were widely spread out. : So, they were widely read by different people.
  • (C) Manuscripts were written in English and Hindi. : so, even if not everybody but many people could read them who knew the languages.
  • (D) Manuscripts were fragile. : This was the reason why manuscripts could not be read easily.

Thus, option (D ) is correct.

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