Read the extract and answer the following questions.


During one of the long dark evenings just before Christmas, the master smith and his helper sat in the dark forge near the furnace waiting for the pig iron, which had been put in the fire, to be ready to put on the anvil. Every now and then one of them got up to stir the glowing mass with a long iron bar, returning in a few moments, dripping with perspiration, though, as was the custom, he wore nothing but a long shirt and a pair of wooden shoes

(The Rattrap)

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Question (i)

What was the occupation of the two men in this extract?

  1. They were blacksmiths
  2. They were carpenters
  3. They were farmers
  4. They were miners


Answer as written by the student:

(a) They were blacksmiths

Step-by-step explanation:

  • To answer this question, we need to identify the occupation or profession of the two men in this extract.
  • Occupation or profession is the type of work or activity that a person does to earn money or to produce something.
  • To identify the occupation, we need to pay attention to the words and phrases that describe their work or activity in the extract.
  • Some of the words and phrases that indicate that they were blacksmiths are: forge, furnace, pig iron, anvil, iron bar.
  • These words and phrases show that they were blacksmiths, which are people who make or repair things with iron by heating and hammering it into shape.
  • Therefore, the correct answer is A. They were blacksmiths.😊

Question (ii)

When did this scene take place according to the extract?

  1. During one of the long dark evenings just before Christmas
  2. During one of the bright sunny mornings just after Easter
  3. During one of the short cloudy afternoons just before Halloween
  4. During one of the warm breezy nights just after Valentine's Day


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