Read the extract and answer the following questions.


From the beginning, however, I had an aversion to the water when I was in it. This started when I was three or four years old and father took me to the beach in California. He and I stood together in the surf. I hung on to him, yet the waves knocked me down and swept over me. I was buried in water. My breath was gone. I was frightened. Father laughed, but there was terror in my heart at the overpowering force of the waves.

(Deep Water)

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Question (i)

What is the tone of the narrator in this extract?

  1. Angry
  2. Joyful
  3. Fearful
  4. Curious


Answer as written by the student:

(c) Fearful

Step-by-step explanation:

  • To answer this question, we need to understand what tone means. Tone is the attitude or emotion that the writer expresses through their words and style.
  • To identify the tone of the narrator, we need to pay attention to the words and phrases that he uses to describe his feelings and experiences.
  • Some of the words and phrases that indicate fear are: aversion, knocked me down, swept over me, buried in water, breath was gone, frightened, terror, overpowering force.
  • These words and phrases show that the narrator was scared and anxious about the water and the waves, and did not enjoy being at the beach with his father.
  • Therefore, the tone of the narrator in this extract is fearful, which is option C.😊

Question (ii)

 Explain how the contrast between the narrator's and his father's reactions to the water creates a sense of conflict in this extract.


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