English Class 11
Snapshot - Chapters (Literature)

Read the extract and answer the following questions.


Will you let me ride alone? I asked.

 That is up to the horse, my cousin said. Get down. The horse will let me ride, I said. We shall see, he said. Don’t forget that I have a way with a horse. Well, I said, any way you have with a horse, I have also. For the sake of your safety, he said, let us hope so. Get down. All right, I said, but remember you’ve got to let me try to ride alone. I got down and my cousin Mourad kicked his heels into the horse and shouted, Vazire, run

(The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse )

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Question (i)

List any two sensory details present in this extract.

 Answer :

Answer as written by the student:

Two sensory details present in this extract are "kicked his heels into the horse" and "shouted, Vazire, run".

 Step-by-step explanation: 📝

  •   Sensory details are words or phrases that appeal to one or more of the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.
  •   To find sensory details in a text, we can look for words that describe how something looks, sounds, smells, tastes, or feels.
  •   In this extract, one sensory detail is "kicked his heels into the horse", which describes how the cousin made the horse move faster by using his feet. This appeals to the sense of touch and movement.
  •    Another sensory detail is "shouted, Vazire, run", which describes how the cousin spoke loudly and urgently to the horse. This appeals to the sense of sound and emotion.

Question (ii)

 Complete the sentence appropriately.

The phrase "That is up to the horse" suggests that ____________.


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