English Class 11
Snapshot - Chapters (Literature)

Read the extract and answer the following questions.


We were poor. We had no money. Our whole tribe was povertystricken. Every branch of the Garoghlanian1 family was living in the most amazing and comical poverty in the world. Nobody could understand where we ever got money enough to keep us with food in our bellies, not even the old men of the family. Most important of all, though, we were famous for our honesty. We had been famous for our honesty for something like eleven centuries, even when we had been the wealthiest family in what we liked to think was the world. We were proud first, honest next, and after that we believed in right and wrong. None of us would take advantage of anybody in the world, let alone steal

(The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse )

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Question (i)

 What does the word 'poverty-stricken' mean in this context?

  • (a) Affected by a disease
  • (b) Lacking in education
  • (c) Suffering from hunger
  • (d) Lacking in money


Answer as written by the student:

The word 'poverty-stricken' means (d) lacking in money in this context.

 Step-by-step explanation of the answer: 📊

  •    To answer this question, we need to understand what the word 'context' means and how to find clues or hints in the extract that can help us to guess the meaning of the word 'poverty-stricken'.
  •    Context is the situation or background that helps us to understand something better . In this case, the context is the extract from the story that we have read.
  •     Clues or hints are words or phrases in the extract that can give us some idea about the meaning of the word 'poverty-stricken'. For example, we can see that the narrator says that his family had no money and that nobody could understand how they managed to survive.
  •    Using our logic and common sense, we can eliminate the wrong options and choose the correct one. For example, we can see that option A (affected by a disease) does not make sense because there is no mention of any disease in the extract. Similarly, option B (lacking in education) and option C (suffering from hunger) do not fit with the clues or hints that we have found. Therefore, option D (lacking in money) is the correct answer.
  •    The word 'poverty-stricken' means extremely poor or suffering from poverty. In this context, it means that the narrator's family had no money and lived in a very difficult situation.


Question (ii)

Complete the sentence with an appropriate word or phrase.

The narrator says that they liked to think that they were________________


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