Read the extract and answer the following questions-

Extract : 

At the Baudhnath stupa, the Buddhist shrine of Kathmandu, there is, in contrast, a sense of stillness. Its immense white dome is ringed by a road. Small shops stand on its outer edge: many of these are owned by Tibetan immigrants; felt bags, Tibetan prints and silver jewellery can be bought here. There are no crowds: this is a haven of quietness in the busy streets around. 


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Question (i)

 Which of the following is NOT an antonym for the word "stillness" in the given context?

  • (a) Silence
  • (b) Noise
  • (c) Movement
  • (d) Chaos


Answer as written by the student:

(a) Silence

Step-by-Step explanation of the answer:

  •   An antonym is a word that has the opposite or nearly the opposite meaning as another word.
  •  In the given context, the word "stillness" means the absence of movement or sound.
  •  The words "noise", "movement", and "chaos" are antonyms for "stillness" because they mean the presence of loud or unpleasant sounds, motion or activity, or disorder or confusion.
  •  The word "silence" is not an antonym for "stillness" because it means the absence of sound, which is similar to stillness.
  •  Therefore, the correct answer is A. Silence.👎

Question (ii)

 Why is it fair to say that the narrator's tone, when he says "this is a haven of quietness in the busy streets around", is appreciative and peaceful? Answer in about 40 words.


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