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“The multinational companies (MNCs) choose China as an alternative location for investment?” Explain the statement.



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Points to Remember 

  1. Chinese Revolution in 1949 attracted F oreign MNCs .
  2. Low wages.
  3. China has a larger consumer base ( group of customers who frequently purchases products ).
  4. Production of electronic items, and toys are manufactured in China.

Answer to be written in the exam

  1. China has steadily entered the global economy since the revolution in 1949. Due to its weakest economic system , it attracted foreign MNCs to invest in their country.
  2. Wages were relatively low.
  3. Aside from labor, China had the greatest population . They developed a sizable customer base as well.
  4. Since then, the production of electronic items, and toys are manufactured in China.
    Thus, China became an attractive destination for MNCs to invest there.

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