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The presence of specific body features or certain habits which enable an animal or plant to live in a particular habitat (or surrounding) is called Adaptation.

For Example - 

Animal Name



Polar Bear

In Northern Polar region

They are adapted to severe conditions with the help of some special characteristics:

(1) white fur (2) Strong sense of smell (3) a layer of fat under skin (4) wide and large paws and long sharp claws (5) 2 thick layers of fur


In Southern Polar region

Penguins have also adapted to severe conditions with the help of some special characteristics:

(1) White and black in colour (2 ) thick skin and a lot 

of fat (3) They live together in large numbers (4)

Streamlined body , webbed feet and flipper-like wings.


Red-eyed frog

Tropical Rainforests

Sticky pads on feet to climb trees


Tropical Rainforests

Long tails and hands with strong grips to grab on branches

Toucan (bird)

Tropical Rainforests

Long, large beak to help reach food otherwise inaccessible

Lions and Tigers

Tropical Rainforests

Thick skin and sensitive hearing (for camouflage and hunting)


Indian Tropical Rainforest

(1)Trunk used as a nose with strong sense of smell and also to pick up food (2) Modified teeth to help tear tree bark (3) Larger ears are sensitive to soft sounds and help it keep itself cool during hot summers

Lion Tailed Macaque

Indian Tropical Rainforest

(1) Good Climber (2) It feeds on foods easily found on trees such as fruits, seeds, young leaves, stems, flowers, buds, insects etc


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