The average weather pattern taken over a long period of time (say 25 years) is called the climate of that place.

The climate of a place is decided by the area’s exposure to the sun and other climate-related factors such as distance from the sea, height (elevation) of the place, etc.

Different climate in different areas in India


Area Name

Area type



Desert area

Very high temperature during summer very less temperature during winter

North East (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya)

Mountainous region

Wet . It rains for major part of year

Jammu kashmir

Mountainous region

Very cold during winter moderate temp during summer


Coastal area near ocean

Very hot during summer moderate during winter

Polar region

Near North or South poles

Sun does not set for size months and does not rise for six months. The climate is extremely cold.

Tropical Rainforest

Near equator

Temperature very high during summer and moderate during winter very high rainfall


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