The day to day condition of the atmosphere at the place and time with respect to temperature, pressure , humidity, wind speed and wind direction, sunshine , clouds , rainfall (or snowfall) is called weather at that place and time.

Different atmospheric conditions 

  • Hot -Iit is hot in summer
  • Cold - It is cold in winter
  • Sunny - At daytime
  • Cloudy - When there are clouds in the sky
  • Foggy - On winter mornings, when fog covers the landscape
  • Dry - In desert areas
  • Humid - On rainy days, or near coastal areas 
  • Windy - When wind is blowing at high speeds
  • Rainy - When it rains/is about to rain

So, is the weather at a place always the same?

No, it varies over short periods of time.

For Example - 

  • Sometimes it is sunny in the morning, but clouds can suddenly appear. 
  • It sometimes also suddenly starts raining heavily or heavy rains may give way to rainbows  and bright sunshine.


  • The time of sunsets and sunrises vary over the year due to changes in seasons. 
  • The sun rises earlier in summers , and later during winters
  • It also sets later in summers , and earlier in winters .
  • This causes our days to be longer or shorter in different seasons too.
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