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Dorji has a few bottles of soft drinks in his restaurant. But, unfortunately, these are not labelled. He has to serve the drinks on the demand of customers. One customer wants an acidic drink, another wants basic and third one wants a neutral drink. How will Dorji decide which drink is to be served to whom?



Dorji should use a litmus paper in order to differentiate between the acidic, basic and neutral drinks.

He should put one drop of each drink on a red and blue litmus paper and then he would know the nature of drinks as -

  1. If the drink is acidic , it would turn blue litmus red and won’t show any change on red litmus .
  2. If the drink is basic , it would turn red litmus blue and wont show any change on blue litmus.
  3. If the drink is neutral , it wont show any change in blue as well as red litmus .  

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