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Ex 12.2, 11 - A car has two wipers which do not overlap - Ex 12.2

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Ex 12.2, 11 A car has two wipers which do not overlap. Each wiper has a blade of length 25 cm sweeping through an angle of 115°. Find the total area cleaned at each sweep of the blades. Radius = r = 25 cm Sweeping angle = 115° Total area cleaned by the two wipers = 2 × Area cleaned by one wiper = 2 × Area of sector with angle 115° = 2 × 𝜃/360×𝜋𝑟2 = 2 × 115/360×22/7×(25)2 = 158125/126 cm2 Hence , Area cleaned by both wiper = 158125/126 cm2

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